About “Birdkid”

There really isn’t anything that makes me special from anyone else – I’m just an ordinary 13 year old.  There is something small, though, that does make me different from most kids my age: my profound passion about birds.  When I go into school, my fellow students are talking about how they had a great time at lacrosse practice, or they won their soccer game by four points.  I tell them that I just got back from Cape May, where I was watching Wigeons, Coots and Scoters.  I would be looked at like “WHAT is he talking about???”  But now, my friends think that it is neat how I like something “Out of the ordinary”, and some even approach me for birding “Mini-lessons”.  They have been calling me “Birdkid” for at least six years now, and I like it, so I decided to have that as my “name” online.  I started birdwatching when I was 4, and it has been my priority in life ever since.  I’m on a mission to see, study, write about and photograph all of the birds that I can.

Thank you for taking some time to learn about me and read about my adventures, each one bringing be a tiny bit closer to my goal!

Also: All pictures on this blog have been taken by Eric Hughes unless noted otherwise.


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