Hola! It’s been awhile!

Ahh, finally.  I’m blogging again, this time for a very special purpose!  Not much has changed in my life, other than the amount of school work that I get from day to day.  From the time that I stopped blogging about California birding, I have entered the ABA’s Young Birder of the Year contest, and should be getting the results in approximately one week.  But now to the good part….

Tomorrow I will be getting up at 5:00 and leaving to go to Costa Rica for my newest birding expedition.  I will say that this should be good material to blog about.  Although I would like to, I cannot say that I will blog about the whole trip, as I don’t want to let you down like I did with the west coast trip.  But I don’t want to discourage you from checking my blog this next week for Costa Rica posts, as I have taken some precautionary measures in order to make the blogging quick but as thorough as possible.  First, I will have a notebook in the field in order to make a sort of rough draft of my blog while I am birding.  By writing my preliminary thoughts, the process of copying and revising will be made much less complicated.  Additionally, our birding will be ending at a reasonable time every night, followed by eating dinner on site at the lodge.  That means that I will have a decent amount of time to gather my thoughts and blog them.

We will be staying in Costa Rica for seven days, Saturday to Saturday.  We will arrive in the city of San Jose around one o’ clock in the afternoon.  From there we will drive to Rancho Naturalista, near the town of Tuis.  We will be staying there for three nights, and then will be travelling to Savegre Hotel and Lodge, where we will stay for four nights.

For Costa Rica blog posts, I will be changing the style from the California blog posts.  Instead of taking the majority of my lifers and describing them, I will probably take five or six lifers and describe them, as I expect to have around fifty lifers the first day, and then twenty to thirty from then on.  I will then devote the rest of each post to describing the birding of the day.

It is amazing to imagine that in just a few short hours, I will be on a plane headed to a foreign country where I will be engulfed in the antics of Montezuma Oropendola, White-necked Jacobin, and Bay-headed Tanager!

Be sure to check tomorrow to read about my first day in Costa Rica!

Hasta pronto!


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