Sawmill Road Spectacular

My dad and I were going to take a drive down to the local hardware store to get some extra bird feeders for a project that I was doing yesterday, so I figured “Hey, why not make this a good birding day, too?”.  I decided to ask if we could take back roads to our destination.  As I expected, dad said “Why not.”?  We drove down Ellis Woods Road, then made a left on Saw Mill Road.  At the end of Saw Mill, where it meets Harley Road, there was a shimmer of bright colors.  Two male

I love the spectacular colors on these guys!

I love the spectacular colors on these guys!

and one female Ring-Necked Pheasant.  Ring-Necked Pheasants are originally from Asia, and were introduced to North America for hunting purposes.  I think that Ring-Necked Pheasants are among the most spectacularly colored birds in North America, native or not.  Something interesting that I observed was that when a Turkey Vulture flew by low, the Pheasants let out a strange sound, then laid out almost flat, and the female was camouflaged

This female has great camouflage for their field environment.

so well that it seemed as if she completely vanished.  After the Vulture felt that there was nothing to him to feast on, it moved on and the Pheasants resumed their feeding.  Where they were located was excellent habitat for them, and I would be surprised if they didn’t live there.  I now have one more beautiful bird on my life list!

Here are all three Pheasants.

Can you see them?

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